Unregulated DC Power Supplies


Applications :
These power supplies are used to supply short term coil tripping energy in the absence of auxiliary power. They are generally used in tripping applications. The unit is quickly charged under normal conditions and will hold this charge until required to perform a solenoid tripping action.

Display/Indication/Features :
The unit can supply high current for short term rated loads: Typically, with the correct switching regime, the unit can supply three trip actions per charge. This system is often preferred to battery systems due to it’s maintenance free nature, superior life expectancy, and cost effectiveness. Recharge times of capacitor system are also much quicker.

Supply User defined up to 1100Vac
Outputs High current pulse – the energy available is system dependant
Connection Detail Brass screw or open screw terminal
Physical Size Typically 112mm x 150mm x 80mm
Mounting Detail Foot mounted

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