Flameproof LoadCentres
Definition: A LoadCentre consists out of;

Supply Cable
Multi circuit switchgear
All combined as one unit (or a combination thereof )


Note: Load Centres must not be confused with PowerCentres. A Load Centre is supplied via a feeding cable and not directly from a transformer.

LoadCentre units ranges from single to multi-way units.

Developed in South Africa, the LoadCentre with microprocessor control has been designed to meet worldwide mining standards. The complete unit is protected from short circuit by extremely fast acting electronics and a circuit breaker located in the top busbar chamber. The PEFLO controlled relay and microLOAD overload relay provide a user friendly, reliable, simple system combined with superior operating control parameters. Microprocessor controlled relays have reduced the internal panel wiring and component count. Different outlets can be interlocked and sequence started for typical mining application.

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