Applications :
Inspired by the success of the Dimako range of Bargraph meters the new microBAR range of meters brings the added power, flexibility and cost advantages of microprocessor control to further expand an already large application base. The robust construction of the relay has been maintained and the relay can be confidently used in environments where dust, moisture, vibration, corrosion and temperature extremes are experienced. The units can be used to indicate, alarm and trip on such parameters such as volts, current, ohms, megohms, earth leakage, pressure, temperature, under-load, overload, flow, concentration, etc. The unique fail safe allows for seamless integration with system risk analysis.

Display/Indication/Features :
The relay has a colour coded 50 element display which can be coded according to user requirements. Two independent action levels can be user programmed into the unit, (“alarm” and “trip”), which can be combined with a time delayed function. Access to all parameters is password protected. Action levels, relay status, and the real time parameter value are simultaneously displayed on the front of the unit. Relays can be factory programmed to specific requirements, with short lead times.

Supply 110Vac, 220 Vac
Outputs 1 x potential free contact for overload - 1 x potential free contact for short circuit
Connection Detail Phoenix connector
Physical Size 126mm x 137mm x 145mm
Mounting Detail Fixed mounting detail
Overload range Ordered for set overload range with increments from 50mAmp to 1000mAmp

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