Current Transducers


Applications :
Two basic models are available: Either with voltage output or current output. The transducers will convert an AC signal to a DC voltage or current which is in direct proportion to the applied current. Both units are extremely simple to use and the voltage output version does not require an auxiliary power supply. Outputs are intrinsically safe to SABS 549.

Display/Indication/Features :
The transducers are extremely sensitive and accurate, typically providing accurate readings from as low as 2% of the full scale range. The voltage output units can also accurately give outputs up to 1000% of full scale range. Current ranges up to 5000Amps can be catered for.

Supply 110 / 220Vac (20mA output units only) Self powered (voltage output models)
Outputs 0 – 2Vdc, 0 – 5Vdc, 0 – 20mA, 4 – 20mA
Connection Detail Brass screw type stud terminal
Physical Size 30mm x 68mm x 120mm (volt out) 40mm x 70mm x 125mm
Mounting Detail Foot mounting to chassis plate

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