Flameproof And Non-Flameproof Megger System


This system employs the use of the Dimako bargraph meter, a high voltage calibrated megger power supply which is push button coupled, to the circuit to be meggered, via an interface module which remains permanently connected. The system is generally used for preventative maintenance on multi-way power circuits protected by only one earth leakage relay.

The system can also be used to speed up earth fault location and repair, on multi-motor flameproof systems which are difficult to access. Another off-shoot of the system, is that it readily detects a frozen contact condition. The display is colour coded for easy reading but is also provided with a graduated scale for precision measurement.

Supply Typically 110Vac or 220Vac
Outputs Potential free contact for customer use
Connection Detail Plug type screw terminal
Physical Size Typically 84mm x 50mm diam (meter) 90mm x 150mm x 75mm (power supply)
Mounting Detail Meter – Flameproof requirements or panel mounted - Power supply – foot mounted

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