P130 Pilot Relay - 110/220Vac


Applications :
These relays are used to monitor pilot wire integrity and earth bond resistance. Parameters are in accordance with BS specifications. The relay output is intrinsically safe to latest SANS 60079-11. The relay displays excellent noise immunity characteristics and is particularly suited to harsh mining environments.

Display/Indication/Features :
Pull in resistance….15 Ohms, drop off resistance…. 42 Ohms. The relay is capable of operating over a wide power supply range: Typically -40% to -15%.

Supply 110 or 220 Vac (-40% to +15%)
Outputs 1 potential free change over contact (220Vac max)
Connection Detail Screw type terminal suitable for bare wire, pin, or fork lugs
Physical Size 50mm x 75mm x 110mm
Mounting Detail Omega rail mountable or can be chassis mountable via holes provided

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