Live Line Indicators


Live line indicators are used to indicate the presence of a voltage, generally when exposure of such potentials can result in a hazardous or life threatening situation. Various versions are available depending on voltage. Size and packaging can be customer specified.

Models detecting 3.3KV up to 11KV are not galvanically connected to the potential being monitored and give a flashing neon indication of the presence of the phase voltage. Models used below 2KV are directly coupled, but maintain a very low power dissipation level. The latter units generally give a continuous non flashing indication.

Supply Powered by the monitored supply
Outputs Flashing neon – high voltage devices. Neon or led – low voltage devices
Connection Detail Screw type terminal
Physical Size Typically 76mm x 76mm x 58mm
Mounting Detail 65mm x 65mm Panel Cut out or to customer specification

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