Fuse Holders


The fuse holder will accept a 10 x 85mm, 1000V rated fuse and is suitable for fuse ratings up to 16 Amps. The holder is designed for panel mounting and has mounting holes either side of the fuse cap. The totally enclosed nature prevents inadvertent exposure to live connections when changing fuses.

IMPORTANT: For safety reasons however, power should be removed.

The glass filled nylon construction of the fuse holder yields an extremely robust item which does not suffer from undue breakage, cracking, long term degradation or moisture absorption and is ideally suited to conditions encountered in underground mines.

Supply MAX: 1000Vac at 16 Amps
Outputs None
Connection Detail Plug-on lug / solder lug
Physical Size 105mm x 30mm diam (approx)
Mounting Detail Through panel mounting

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