Diode Interlock Relays


Applications :
Diode interlock relays are used when it is necessary to interlock or interrogate circuits in a hazardous area. They generally have a higher pull in and drop off resistance than pilot relays and are therefore suitable for applications that involve long cables: i.e.: conveyor pullkey monitor. The output is intrinsically safe to SANS 60079-11.

Display/Indication/Features :
The unit is designed to be fail safe and employs a remote termination diode. By nature of this circuit regime, the relay can be safely distinguish between cable, short and open circuits. the unit is internally protected by self healing fuses and does not require external fusing.

Supply 110Vac, 220 Vac (-40%, +10%)
Outputs 1 potential free change over contact (220Vac MAX)
Connection Detail Screw type terminal suitable for bare wire, pin or fork lugs
Physical Size 50mm x 75mm x 110mm
Mounting Detail Omega Rail Mounting or can be chassis mounted via holes provided

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