Applications :
The Dimako microLOAD has been designed specifically to meet world wide standards. Easy to set up and interpret, the relay’s wide setting and multiple curve settings make it ideal for overload protection.

Display/Indication/Features :
The phase-sensitive overload relay allows the short circuit protection setting to be set as low as 150% of the full load rating while still allowing graded higher inductive start up currents. Indication of the load current is displayed on a colour coded bar-graph allowing for faster visual response times than conventional moving iron meters. Thermal cool down times, overload trip curves, current imbalance selection, auto/manual reset, full load range and short circuit levels are all programmable via external push-buttons, infra-red remote control or intelligent pilot.

Supply 110Vac, 220 Vac
Outputs 1 x potential free contact for overload1 x potential free contact for short circuit
Connection Detail 24 way robust plug and socket
Physical Size 126mm x 137mm x 145mm
Mounting Detail Bracket with single retaining screw
Overload range Typical 4-650 Amps

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