Definition :

A PowerCentre consists out of:

Primary switchgear
Secondary switchgear
All combined as one unit

Note: LoadCentres must not be confused with PowerCentre’s. A LoadCentre is supplied via a feeding cable and not directly from a transformer.

Dimako manufactures a wide range of flameproof transformers up to 3 500kVA, either skid or trailer mounted. Applications span from simple control transformers to complete section power supply transformers. Configurations are from single core to dual core transformers. The transformers are designed and manufactured in-house and are configured to meet specific customer requirements and environmental conditions including the latest trend to have one section transformer providing dual voltages for section machines. 

Display/Indication/Features; The unique enclosure design reduces the ingress of moisture, a common problem in underground applications. Various combinations of MV and LV switch-gear are available for the transformer. MV enclosures range from simple socket chambers, on load isolators, to MV circuit breakers. LV switch-gear ranges from single to sixteen way units.

Dimako manufactures a comprehensive collection of relays which can be interfaced with the switchgear to provide superior control at an attractive price. Nuisance free sensitive earth fault protection can be provided down to 500mA (ideal for transformer MV end protection). Another feature is phase sensitive short circuit protection which is ideal for lowering short circuit tripping levels. RS232 communication can also be provided for real time information as well as historical reasons for trip. Large windows are employed on the enclosures to allow visual confirmation of earthing isolator and circuit breaker status, and for easy viewing of the comprehensive redundant indication provided.

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