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Adjustable Earth Leakage Units

Applications: This relay will monitor a variety of core balance current transformers and is provided with adjustable definite time tripping facility and adjustable earth leakage trip level. The unit can be either factory pre-set or can be ordered with external adjustments for customer use Display/Indication/Features: Earth leakage trip levels can be adjusted from 20mA to 1mA, and time delays from instantaneous to 1 sec can be set. Supply 110Vac, 220 Vac (-40%, +10%)  Outputs 1 potential free change over contact (220Vac MAX) Connection Detail Screw type terminal suitable for bare wire, pin or fork lugs Physical Size 50mm x 75mm x 110mm Mounting Detail Omega Rail Mounting or can be chassis mounted via holes provided.
Adjustabable Earth Leakage Units
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